Chemical Processing

FAR Chemical has process equipment capable of handling all of the classic organic chemical syntheses. A variety of 50 up to 1500 gallon glass lined, hastelloy and stainless steel reactors can be configured to run the most difficult processes. 5559_largePurifications can be carried out via stainless steel or ceramic packed fractionation units. Single plate wiped and thin film evaporators are used for viscous and/or heat sensitive products. Alloy steel centrifuges, pressure nutsches, and sparkler filter presses are available for solid/liquid separations. Drying of solid products is done in either double cone rotary dryers or vacuum tray dryers.

Chemical Processing Services Include Multi-Step Synthesis, Distillations, Silane Chemistry and more.

In addition to our many toll manufacturing services, our core chemical processing services include:

• Multi-step synthesis
• Molecular and thin-film distillation (through partnership with RTC)
• Acrylic resins
• Silane chemistry
• Water-based polymerization
• Solvent-based polymerization
• Hydrolysis
• Esterification
• Epoxidation
• Trans-esterification
• Etherification
• Methylation
• Amidation
• Acetylation
• Acylation
• Crystallization, drying, grinding and packaging
• Liquid to powder
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Methyl chloride
• Alkylation
• Polymeric condensations
• Specialty distillations
• Permitted for ethanol