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FAR Chemical Manufacturing Companies and Specialty Chemical Companies in Florida. An Innovative Global Supplier, Custom and Toll Florida Chemical Company.

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FAR Chemical produces pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates. It offers various chemical products in the categories of cryogenic, Grignards, complex bromine synthesis, acetylenes, organosilanes, HF chemistry, halogenations, alkali metals, nitriles, reductions, liquid ammonia, esters, aromatic substitution, and many more. 


FAR Chemical supplies cyanate ester pre-polymers to the structural composite industry; and strippers, etchants, polishing compounds, and additives for the electronics market. It also serves fragrance, cosmetic and imaging industries. Founded in 1983 and based in Palm Bay on the Space Coast, you are welcome to vist our facility anytime.


For more information on how FAR Chemical can assist you today - Call us at (321) 723-6160 or use our online contact form.



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  • arrow bullet point Routine cryogenic capability in 1500 gallon glass lined process reactor
  • arrow bullet point Capability to handle butyl lithium, metal hydrides, and other pyrophoric reagents
  • arrow bullet point Ability to run short path vaccuum evaporators to purify heat sensitive compounds
  • arrow bullet point Bulk Bromine
  • arrow bullet point Bulk Trimethylchlorosilane



is built upon long-standing and honest relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our specialists are available to answer all of your questions...

Far Chemical is proud to be an extension of you and your business, fully supporting in every way for all of your specialty chemical manufacturing needs.

You Are Welcome to Come See Our Entire Process Run From Start to Delivery.

FAR Chemical is a worldwide exporter. Our manufacturing plant is based in Florida, and you’re welcome to come and guide your process through our Palm Bay chemical facility as many customers do. It’s an appeal of specialty chemical companies in the US, having that hands on approach. We can pick up the chemical process at any point from developing the process for you, to improving the process you bring to us."
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What Sets Us Apart From Other Chemical Manufacturing Companies?

Customer Satisfaction, Custom Process, Quality Assurance and Corp. Culture

A Specialty Chemical Companies in Florida Chemical Company FAR Chemical | Palm Bay FL

Custom Manufacturing - Need a solution for your desired end product or have your own formulas and processes you want us to follow? You can trust FAR Chemical to meet all your custom manufacturing requirements.
Toll Manufacturing - We specilaize in toll manufacturing involving silane and siloxane chemistry, polymerizationsvacuum distillations, epichlorohydrin reactions, sulfur, elemental sodium and custom processes.
Manufacturing Process - FAR Chemical manufactures fine organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Chemical manufacturing companies processes are either developed in-house or by you.
Process Development - Our qualified professionals can develop chemical processes with results, and we can make your compound!
Chemical Blending - FAR Chemical's extensive capabilities include chemical blending, liquids, powders, colloids and more.
Great Customer Service - We're known for being awesome to work with, developing innovative solutions for any problem.

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Telephone: 321-723-6160
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FAR Chemical is recognized as a leading Specialty Chemical Companies in Florida Chemical Company in Palm Bay FL

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