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Advanced Materials: Structural Composites

Structural Composites

FAR Chemical manufactures a host of specialty compounds that are used in advanced material applications such as structural composites for aerospace, defense, and other industries. Special long chain polymers are used in coatings for certain aerospace surfaces for their weight, physical properties and non-interference with sensitive radar and electronic communication.

Our decades of experience with cyanogen bromide production and use affords us the unique capability to produce a variety of custom monomeric and polymeric cyanate esters at the multi-ton scale. We also have deep expertise in silane chemistry, which enables us to produce polycarbosilanes for use in ceramic matrix composites for structural parts, armor, and other applications.

Our capabilities span the range from lab-scale through multi-ton production. With decades of development and production expertise, we can help customers define target molecules and polymers, and develop and refine new processes, while serving as their manufacturing partner through all stages of the product life cycle.

We have special expertise in the following product groups:

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