Custom Manufacturing of Specialty Chemicals


Free Yourself From Headaches, Save Time and Money in The Process


FAR Chemical manufactures fine organic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Manufacturing processes are either developed in-house or by the customer. Typical industries we serve include the following: pharmaceutical, structural composite, polymer, fragrance, electronic, and others. FAR Chemical’s chemical processing capabilities include chemistries such as halogenation (F, Cl, Br, I), organosilane, acetylene, cyanide, cyanate ester, isothiocyanate, grignard, and numerous others. FAR has put together production equipment which allows cryogenic (-95 C) synthesis in 1500 gallon vessels in addition to the typical –5 to 150 C temperature ranges. Purification of heat sensitive molecules may be carried out in wiped or thin film evaporators. Check with us, we can make your compound!


Our knowledgeable chemical specialists are well versed and experienced in overcoming challenges and trouble shooting. FAR Chemical is always available to custom manufacture most types of chemicals and products for a less investment than what it costs businesses to complete the process themselves. Here at FAR Chemcial we have the luxury of having in-house capabilities to design and develop, engineer, improve or modify processes and then move them directly forward to the next commercial production stage in our modern state-of-the-art facility.



A core of 50 of up to 1500 gallon glass lined, hastelloy C and stainless steel reactors may be configured to handle the most difficult syntheses.
Purifications may be carried out via stainless steel or ceramic packed fractionation units.
Single plate wiped and thin film evaporators are at the ready.
Alloy steel centrifuges, pressure nutsches, and sparkler filter presses are available for solid/liquid separations.
Drying of solid products is done in either double cone rotary dryers or vacuum tray dryers.