Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers (CASE) & Foams

CASE & Foams

We custom-produce resin derivatives, solvents and other materials for our customers’ use in various applications in the CASE industries. Our purpose-built plant and flexible permitting enable us to bring in a wide range of difficult-to-handle chemicals and quickly move to scale-up to commercial production. We are equipped to handle chemicals in gas, liquid, and solid form and are able to conduct a wide variety of reactive and non-reactive transformations.

FAR Chemical is also a world leader in the production of acetylacetonate compounds. Our FARMetl™ acetylacetonate products are widely used as catalysts and crosslinkers in a broad collection of adhesive, coatings, elastomer, and polyurethane foam systems. We produce a full range of acetylacetone-based compounds and can offer custom variants as well.

We have special expertise in the following key chemistries:

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