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Flavors, Fragrances & Personal Care

Flavors, Fragrances & Personal Care

When it comes to ingredients for flavors, fragrances, and personal care products, companies with some of the world’s best-known brands use FAR Chemical to produce their high-quality custom intermediates and ingredients.

Production occurs at our ISO 9001:2015 certified sites in Palm Bay, Florida and Bound Brook, New Jersey. We offer custom-tailored solutions for our customers’ critical needs including the use of naturally-derived raw materials, Kosher certification, and custom packaging.

Using a broad spectrum of chemistries, we manufacture both building block materials and intermediates. We can provide a discrete building block or take on multiple complex synthetic transformations to bridge a customer’s capability or capacity gaps. Our capabilities in handling both liquids and solids, and expertise in purification, recrystallization, drying, and custom packaging, make us unique in the industry.

We have special expertise in the following product groups:

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