FAR Chemical Toll Manufacturing – Toll Manufacturer

FAR Chemical uses a wide range of toll chemical manufacturer processes for fine organic chemicals. The company produces pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates, and provides a variety of organic catalysts that are synthesized for polymer manufacturers as well as cyanate ester pre-polymers, which are supplied to the structural composite industry. The company furnishes the electronics market with materials used as strippers, etchants, polishing compounds and high density data transmission wires. The company’s products are also used by fragrance, cosmetic and imaging companies.


Toll ManufacturingWe have the experience and toll manufacturer capabilities to work with and manufacture custom and toll specialty chemicals such as:


• Elemental sulfur
• Sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH)
• Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
• Epichlorohydrin
• Formaldehyde
• Many flammable solvents
• Bulk: Toluene, MEK, Methanol, Butanol, PM Acetate, Ethylbenzene
• Organic peroxides
• Many acids and bases