Toll Manufacturer – FAR Chemical

FAR Chemical uses a wide range of toll manufacturing processes for fine organic chemicals. FAR produces pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates, and provides a variety of organic catalysts that are synthesized for polymer manufacturers as well as cyanate ester pre-polymers, which are supplied to the structural composite industry. FAR Chemical furnishes the electronics market with materials used as strippers, etchants, polishing compounds and high density data transmission wires. Products are also used by fragrance, cosmetic and imaging companies.


Toll ManufacturingWe have the experience and toll manufacturer capabilities to work with and manufacture custom and toll specialty chemicals such as:


• Elemental sulfur
• Sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaSH)
• Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
• Epichlorohydrin
• Formaldehyde
• Many flammable solvents
• Bulk: Toluene, MEK, Methanol, Butanol, PM Acetate, Ethylbenzene
• Organic peroxides
• Many acids and bases


FAR Chemical  has been in the toll chemical manufacturing business for many years and continues to expand in areas of production and equipment manufacturing. Services provided are also referred to as custom processing, contract manufacturing and toll milling.


When a company creates a product in their facilities but cannot produce it in house due to lack of space or money, they will contract it out. Many companies when starting out or are testing a new product will have another company assist them with production. FAR Chemical has the knowledge, experience, 70,000 sq. ft. of space to accommodate a large full scale production.


Benefits to Toll and Contract Manufacturing

No capital investment for large equipment
Safety regulations already in place
Fully trained staff of technicians
Certified in handling hazardous materials
Analysis test on every batch
Inventory of spare parts to keep production up and running
Pilot lab for trial batches
State of the art equipment