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Many chemicals that are challenging to handle and ship are offered only in isotainer or small supply-house quantities. These limited options for volume and container type often do not meet customer needs. 

For decades, FAR Chemical has supplied less-than-bulk hazardous chemicals to customers in the pharmaceutical and industrial markets through our Fab-n-Fill program. The Fab-n-Fill program is a comprehensive service that simplifies the process of establishing a less-than-bulk supply option for critical, hazardous materials. We routinely repackage and ship globally hazardous chemicals such as trimethylsilyl chloride, bromine, and cyanogen bromide solutions. 

Our expertise in handling and packaging challenging chemicals, together with our network of portable tank and cylinder fabricators, enables us to deliver customized solutions based on a customer’s critical requirements.  We can select and deliver the right container based on metallurgy and lining, size, weight, fittings, and other key engineering specifications. We also provide other value-added services such as on-site training, fleet maintenance, custom fill weights, and logistics coordination.

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