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Developing a Global Bromine Program for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

A top pharmaceutical company needed a solution for bromine handling within their Asian plant. Due to limited supply options and plant constraints, bromine could only be obtained in glass bottles, which operators had to manually charge to the reactor for commercial production batches. FAR Chemical worked with the customer and a specialty tank manufacturer to have a fleet of lead-lined portable tanks fabricated that met the customer's engineering requirements and were suitable for global bromine service. Sharing FAR's bromine handling expertise, a FAR representative worked on-site at the Asian plant to provide training and ensure that bromine transfers were performed according to the established protocol. To further simplify bromine supply for the customer, FAR Chemical continues to maintain the tank fleet and coordinate global logistics.

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Rapid Scale-Up To Solve A Customer's Supply Chain Issue

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer experienced an unforeseen disruption in their Asian supply chain and needed to quickly locate an alternative, stable supply of a very hygroscopic, corrosive reagent. After technical discussions with the customer, FAR quickly conducted laboratory trials and process optimization work at the kilo-lab to establish a scalable process. Within 60 days, FAR had refined the process, qualified material, and produced the initial quantity of material needed by the customer. In parallel, FAR also procured and installed specialty equipment to handle a larger follow-up order from the customer. FAR's expertise, flexibility, and sense of urgency has enabled the progress from initial inquiry to full-scale commercial production with newly installed equipment within six months. In the interim period, FAR was able to continually supply the material needed for the customer to meet its production deadlines.

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Utilizing Expertise and Assets To Support A Customer's New Product Development

A major specialty chemical company had developed a new derivative and needed quantities of the material for market development. FAR evaluated the customer's process and suggested an alternative synthetic pathway that would be easier to implement on a commercial scale and ultimately safer from a worker exposure standpoint. FAR's R&D team subsequently developed the new process utilizing a gaseous raw material and identified the operating pressure window that afforded higher product conversion rates. The plant equipment was quickly reconfigured to allow safe and efficient handling of the gaseous raw material, operation at the targeted pressures, and straightforward isolation of the product. FAR has produced the initial quantities required for the customer's market development needs, and is ready for scale-up to commercial production when market testing is completed.

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