FAR Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Companies

FAR Chemical Manufacturers produce pharmaceutical reagents and intermediates. It offers various chemical products in the categories of cryogenic, Grignards, complex bromine synthesis, acetylenes, organosilanes, HF chemistry, halogenations, alkali metals, nitriles, reductions, liquid ammonia, esters, aromatic substitution, and many more.

FAR Chemical manufacturing companies supply cyanate ester pre-polymers to the structural composite industry and strippers, etchants, polishing compounds and additives for the electronics market. We also serve the fragrance, cosmetic and imaging industries.


FAR Chemical at a Glance

  • Based in USA
  • Routine cryogenic capability in 1500 gallon glass lined process reactor
  • Capability to handle butyl lithium, metal hydrides, and other pyrophoric reagents
  • Ability to run short path vacuum evaporators to purify heat sensitive compounds
  • Bulk Bromine
  • Bulk Trimethylchlorosilane

Far Chemical Company is built upon long-standing and honest relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our specialists are ready and available Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM – to answer any, and all of your questions.

Specialty Chemicals

FAR Chemical is a leading manufacturer of fine and specialty organic chemicals serving many industries including pharmaceutical, advanced materials, food and adhesives.

Toll Manufacturing

We specialize in toll manufacturing involving silane and siloxane chemistry, polymerizations, vacuum distillations, epichlorohydrin reactions, sulfur, elemental sodium and custom processer cardigan.

Chemical Blending

FAR Chemical’s extensive capabilities include chemical blending, liquids, powders, colloids and more.

The chemical solutions you need when you need them.

Some Facts About FAR Chemical

FAR routinely manufactures over 300 chemical compounds from gram to multiple metric ton quantities.

FAR has successfully completed process development work and scaled up hundreds of custom formulations for our customers.

FAR services customers in North and South America, Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

FAR products are used across many industries including Adhesives, Aerospace, Automotive, Flavor & Fragrance, Oil & Gas, Paint & Coatings, Pharmaceutical and Structural Composite.

FAR Chemical Manufacturers is an innovator and leader of specialty chemical manufacturing companies, and global supplier of custom and toll manufacturing services.

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