methylmagnesium bromideMethylmagnesium bromide

CAS No. 75-16-1
Catalog No. 655346


Synonyms: Bromomethylmagnesium


Typical Applications

• alkylating agent in organic synthesis
• Grignard reagent


Physical Properties

Form and Appearance: Clear brown solution
Molecular Weight: 119.26
Specific Gravity: 1.01
Boiling Point: 150ºF (66ºC)
Solubility: Reactive in water
Flash Point: 1ºF (-17ºC)
Water Reactive: Vigorously reactive


Chemical Formula




Purity/Analysis: Various molarities
Form and Appearance: Clear to turbid gray liquid


Product Categories

Organometallic reagents; Grignard reagents; Metal compounds;
Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Available as a solution in THF or Toluene/THF in commercial quantities