1-bromo-2-ethyl butane

CAS No. 3814-34-4 | Catalog No. 655595

3-(bromomethyl)-pentan ;Butane; 1-bromo-2-ethyl-;3-(BROMOMETHYL)PENTANE;2-ETHYLBUTYL BROMIDE;2-Ethyl-1-bromobutane;1-Bromo-2-ethylbutane;97%


Boiling Point 143-144 °C
Form Liquid

It was used in the preparation of dialkoxytriarylamine. It was also used as cysteine-modifying reagent. Reactant involved in the synthesis of biologically active molecules including: • Nantenine analogs with aporphinoid 5-HT2A and α-1A antagonistic activity • Aporphines with cytotoxicity toward human colon cancer cell lines • Dimeric amide foldamers acting as alpha-helix mimetics • Endocrine-disrupting nanylphenol isomers synthesized via demethylation • Phosphonic acid-containing benzimidazoles for use as fructose-1;6-biphosphatase inhibitors • 5-Bromo-1H-indole-3-acetohydroxamic acid for use as peptide deformylase inhibitors Reactant involved in studies of the effect of oxygenated side chains in Ephedra compounds

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