CAS No. 583-68-6 | Catalog No. 600025

2-bromo-4-methyl-benzenamin ;2-Bromo-4-methylbenzenamine;2-Bromo-4-toluidine;2-bromo-p-toluidin ;2-bromotoluidine ;4-methyl-2-bromoaniline ;3-BROMO-4-AMINOTOLUENE;4-AMINO-3-BROMOTOLUENE


Boiling Point 240 °C(lit.)
Melting Point 14-16 °C(lit.)

The N-(3; 5-Dichlorophenyl) naphthaldimine was obtained from the reaction of 2-hy- droxynaphthalene-l-carbaldehyde (0.01 mol) with a solution (0.01 mol) in 40 ml of ethanol. Reaction was quite clean; albeit 3;4-diaminotoluene was isolated just in 37% yield after flash chromatography on silica gel. The bromomethylquinoline starting material 16 was synthesized in two steps using an optimized process route by condensing. It has been used in the synthesis of iminophosphoranes.

General Description
It participates in palladium catalyzed selective amination of 3-bromoquinoline to yield 3-(2-bromo-4-methylphenylamino) quinoline. It reacts with ethyl and methyl imidazo[1;2-a]pyridine-2-carboxylates in the presence of Me3Al to form amide.

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