CAS No. 5162-44-7 | Catalog No. 655271

1-Bromo-3-butene;1-butene;4-bromo- ;4-bromo-1-buten ;4-bromo-but-1-ene ;4-bromobut-1-ene ;4-Bromobutene;Homoallyl bromide


Boiling Point 98-100 °C(lit.)
Form Liquid
Solubility 0.76g/l

It is used in the preparation of 4-(3-butenyloxy)benzoic acid and largazole. It is also used in double alkylation of lactams followed by Grubbs ring-closing metathesis to yield gymnodimine. Further; it serves as a reagent in the preparation of dienehydrazides. It was used in the synthesis of 4-(3-butenyloxy)benzoic acid. • It was also used in the total synthesis of largazole. • It was used in double alkylation of lactams; followed by Grubbs ring-closing metathesis; to yield gymnodimine (biotoxin). • It was used in preparation of dienehydrazides.

General Description
Stereoselective epoxidation was carried out with three alkene-utilizing bacteria: Mycobacterium LI; Mycobacterium E3 and Nocardia IP1.

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