CAS No. 77-77-0 | Catalog No. 600021



Boiling Point 233-234°
Melting Point ca -26°
Solubility Miscible with water.

Divinyl sulfone acts as a cross-linking reagent for agarose gels. It is a monomer; which is used in the production of polymers with diols; urea and malonic esters. Further; it serves as a shrinkage control agent in textiles. In addition to this; it is used in the preparation of large class of fiber-reactive dyestuffs. Hyaluronic acid (HA) crosslinked with DVS forms hydrogels.DVS and its mono and di-substituted derivatives are useful starting materials in the preparation of thiomorpholine 1;1-dioxides and other synthetically important macro- and the heterocycles.DVS may be used to shrink proofing cotton by crosslinking it with cellulose.

General Description
Divinyl sulfone (DVS) has been popularly used as a cross linking agent.

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