n-octyl iodide

CAS No. 629-27-6 | Catalog No. 200102

1-iodo-octan; 1-jodoktan; 1-n-octyl iodide; 1-n-octyliodide; 1-octyl iodide; 1-octyliodide; 1-octyljodid; octane; 1-iodo-


Boiling Point 225-226°C (lit.)
Form Liquid
Melting Point -46°C

Alkylation of [2;2?-([2;2?-bipyridine]-6;6?-diyl)bis[phenolato]-N;N?;O;O?]nickel(II)was performed using the catalytic reduction of 1-iodooctane. Primary alkyl iodide 1-iodooctane reacts with lithium aluminum deuteride (LAD) in a 1:0.2 ratio to form 1-deuteriooctane.

General Description
1-Iodooctane undergoes catalytic reduction by nickel (I) salen electrogenerated at a glassy carbon cathode in dimethylformamide. Radical mechanism of formation of monolayer on silicon ground in the presence of 1-iodooctane has been studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

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