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Nickel (II) Acetylacetonate

CAS No. 3264-82-2 | Catalog No. 656381

NiAcac; Ni(Acac)2; Acetylacetonatonickel(II); Bis(2,4-pentanedionato)nickel; Bis(acetylacetonate)nickel; Bis(acetylacetonato)nickel; Bis(acetylacetone)nickel; Nickel acetylacetonate; Nickel bis(2,4-pentanedionate); Nickel bis(acetylacetonate); Nickel(II) acetoacetonate; Nickel(II) acetylacetonate; Nickelous acetylacetonate


Form Emerald green powder, Teal powder when hydrated Sold as Dihydrate (CAS: 14363-16-7); Semihydrate (CAS: 3264-82-2); Monohydrate (CAS: 176022-45-0); Dihydrate (CAS: 14363-16-7); Trihydrate (CAS 121777-97-7); Tetrahydrate (CAS: 246047-77-8); X-Hydrate (CAS: 120156-44-7)
Melting Point 228 ºC (decomposes)
Molecular Weight 256.90 g/mol

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