CAS No. 5582-62-7 | Catalog No. 655375

Propargyl(trimethylsilyl) ether;;O-TRIMETHYLSILYLPROPARGYL ALCOHOL 98%;triMethyl(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)silane;3-TriMethylsiloxy-1-propyne 98%;Trimethyl(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy);2-Propynyl trimethylsilyl ether


Boiling Point 52 °C85 mm Hg(lit.)
Form Liquid
Melting Point <0°C

3-Trimethylsiloxy-1-propyne (Trimethyl(2-propynyloxy)silane) may be used in the synthesis of polytrialkylsiloxy-substituted macromolecules. It may be utilized in the preparation of functionalized 4-enynes[1] and 1;4-dienes.

General Description
3-Trimethylsiloxy-1-propyne is an organosilicon compound. It is reported as silylated acetylenic monomer and its polymerizability has been studied in the presence of combined catalyst iron(III) propanoate-triethylaluminium. N2 laser light-induced aerosol particle formation from 3-trimethylsiloxy-1-propyne (trimethyl(2-propynyloxy)silane) and acrolein has been reported. The infrared laser-photosensitized (SF6) decomposition of trimethyl(2-propynyloxy)silane is reported to afford a multitude of unsaturated hydrocarbons and a solid polydimethylsiloxane phase.

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