sodium cyanoborohydride

CAS No. 25895-60-7 | Catalog No. 654200

(cyano-C)trihydro-;sodium;(T-4)-Borate(1-) ;sodium;(beta-4)-borate(1-(cyano-c)trihydro-;SODIUM CYANOTRIHYDRIDOBORATE;SODIUM CYANOTRIHYDROBORATE;Sodium cyonobrohydriole


Boiling Point 307°C
Form Powder
Melting Point >242 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Solubility H2O: may be clear to slightly hazy

Selective reducing agent for aldehydes; ketones; oximes; enamines. Reductive animation of ketones; aldehydes. Reductive alkylation of amines; it is used as a reagent involved in the reductive amination of aldehydes; ketones; oximes and enamines. It is also used in the reductive alkylation of amines and hydrazines. It acts as a catalyst in the preparation of phenolate-bridged dilanthanum(III) complex. In addition; it is used in the conversion of imines to amines. It plays an important role in the reductive deoxygenation of ketones.

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