triethylamine trihydrofluorideTriethylamine Trihydrofluoride

CAS No. 73602-61-6
Catalog No. 654254


Synonyms: Triethylamine Tris(hydrogen fluoride); Treat-HF; Hydrogen fluoride triethylamine


Typical Applications

• Acts as a mild and selective fluorinating agent used in the synthesis of acid fluorides and alkyl fluorides
• Used in the synthesis of vicinal difluorides from epoxides, 3-fluoroazetidine
• Utilized as a selective reagent for the cleavage of O-silyl groups in carbohydrates, nucleotides and cyanohydrins
• Actively involved in the electrochemical fluorodeiodination of alkyl iodides and fluorodesilylation in beta-lactams.


Physical Properties

Form and Appearance: Clear colorless to light yellow liquid
Flash Point: 88ºC (190ºF)
Molecular Weight: 161.21
Specific Gravity: 0.989
Boiling Point: 70ºC (158ºF) @ 15 mm Hg
Solubility: Soluble in water
Water Reactive: Not reactive


Chemical Formula




Purity/Analysis: 97% minimum by GC; 20 – 25% HF by titration;
Karl Fischer 0.5% max.


Form and Appearance

Clear colorless to light yellow liquid


Product Categories

Organic Building Blocks; Chemical Synthesis; Fluorinating Reagents & Building Blocks for Fluorinated Biochemical Compounds; Fluorinating Reagents; Halogenation; Fluorination Nucleophilic



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