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FAR Chemical Launches New Website

FAR Chemical Launches New Website

FAR Chemical, a leading U.S.-based custom, contract and toll manufacturer of specialty organic chemicals, has launched a new website (www.farchemical.com) with enhanced search capabilities for various chemistries and proprietary products.

The new website enables customers to search by chemistry, industry application, CAS number or chemical compound name. Customers can see both the broad range of chemicals and formulations the company manufactures, as well as specific compounds they may require. The site also details the company’s proprietary line of FARMetlTM acetylacetonate products, used primarily as catalysts, cross-linkers, curing agents and stabilizers in diverse applications.

For more than 35 years, FAR Chemical has helped customers develop, scale up and produce new chemical formulations. Customers that partner with FAR Chemical to develop, scale and manufacture a chemical compound can typically do it faster and at a lower cost than by doing the work in house. In addition, for many customers the company manufactures chemical compounds on an ongoing basis, serving as an extension of their production capabilities. The company can work in scales as small as one gram to multi-ton volumes.

FAR Chemical has specific expertise in managing unique and challenging chemical formulations. It routinely handles, produces and packages hazardous chemicals including those sensitive to exposure to air or moisture. The company’s on-site bulk storage of bromine and trimethylchlorosilane is unique in the industry. It enables the company to repackage these materials in various quantities for customers, and to produce various formulations based on these chemicals.

About FAR Chemical 

Founded in 1982, FAR Chemical is an industry leader in custom, toll and contract manufacturing of specialty organic chemicals for customers in industries including pharmaceuticals, structural composites, CASE and foam, electronics, flavors, fragrances and personal care, catalysts, polymers and plastics. The company has deep experience and expertise in handling challenging chemicals including bromine, chlorine, reactives and corrosives. It is a participating partner in SOCMA and its Responsible Care® initiative. Located in Palm Bay, Florida, FAR Chemical is a trusted manufacturing partner for some of the world’s most recognized companies. To learn more about FAR Chemical, go to www.farchemical.com.

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